Our performance ECU software is available for most makes and models (Click here to find your vehicle).
All our software is developed in house to deliver the best from your vehicle. When developing software we always consider reliability as our main concern.
Stage 1 software is designed to run on a standard vehicle and as such requires no physical modifications. In regards to emissions our stage 1 software will as a bare minimum match the standard emission, often exceeding them!
We also offer Stage 2, 3 and 4 options for different hardware modifications, enquire if you have something different you’d like us to look at. We work with several OEM manufacturers on special edition models.
Some of the features we offer:


Gearbox Software (DSG/S-Tronic)
We have performance software available for most DSG and S-tronic gearboxes. Get in touch for more information.
With our DSG software we can offer a variety of options dependant on the application. Options where available are;
  • Faster and Smoother Shifting
  • Launch Control
  • Holding on to gears longer in Auto and Manual modes
  • Raised Torque limits where the Gearbox restricts the Engine

DPF Delete

DPF Removal Software
Designed specifically for off road applications we can disable the DPF systems on most vehicles so this can be removed.
On many situations the DPF system will block frequently if the vehicle is only used on short journeys and never gets fully up to temperature and allow itself to regenerate causing very expensive cleaning or replacement.
A blocked DPF can be very damaging to a vehicle causing excessive back pressure which can lead to turbo failure and in an extreme circumstance even make the piston rings fail causing a complete engine rebuild.

EGR Delete

EGR Delete Software
The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system when failing can cause a variety of issues on a car, limp mode, poor response and engine damage. To delete this system where available will give an increase in overall power.

V-Max Removal

Speed Limit Removal
Most vehicles will have a speed limiter, on ex commercial vehicles and vans this can be as low as 50 mph, on others they can be restricted to 155mph, where allowed such as an Autobahn or track days there is no speed limit, we can where possible remove these limiters or add a limiter for a customer wanting to add a limiter for new drivers for safety lets say.

Launch Control

Launch Control
On certain vehicles we can add Launch control to the Engine and or Gearbox software.
Launch control will help you make the perfect start and also a safer start avoiding excessive wheelspin and tyre wear as well as a quicker reaction.

Flat Shift

No Lift Shift Software
Where available our No Lift Shift software option will allow you to change gear without lifting your foot off the throttle, the cars computer will take care of what is needed to do when changing gear instead, meaning much faster gear changes.

Anti Lag

Adjustable Anti Lag
Where available our Adjustable Anti Lag will give faster spooling on turbo applications whilst still keeping turbo reliability. It can also dependant on the exhaust system give you flames on shift.