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BMW 1&2 Series F20 (2013+) Coding

We’ve had a lot of questions from customers regarding what can be coded in the BMW 1 and 2 series F20/21/22 (from 2013 onwards). It makes sense to list everything available, so here goes: Enable Route Preview Disable Welcome 3 Gongs Turn Off Seat-Belt Reminder Chimes Disable Active Sound Design Transfer Telephone Ringtone to car

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Official Airtec Dealer

We are proud to announce we are now official Airtec Cooling Solutions dealers. After being down at their head quarters in Grays, Essex for a custom FMIC for our DS3 it was a must. Seeing the quality and attention to detail along with the fact it’s manufactured in Britain just goes hand in hand with our

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BMW X1 F48 (2016+) Coding

Coding is now available for the BMW F48! Today was spent coding a fresh 2016 BMW X1. As they’re so new time was taken to discover and document what adaptions can be changed. Not all of the adaptions were implemented at the request of the customer. Here’s what’s available (Grey are the ones implemented): Activate Rear Fog Lights

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After much development, Stage 1 software is available for the BMW N55 engine (M135i & M235i) The figures are: +60BHP +160NM Another addition that has been developed is V-Max removal. Previously: (Automatic) 8th was limited (Manual) 5th & 6th were limited with our stage 1 software there is now no speed limiter in any gear. Currently

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Citroen DS3

The Citroen DS3, not really a car you’d associate with performance. The one we bought is the 1.6 e-HDI 90bhp. As i said, with them numbers you wouldn’t think anything of the sort, perfect! As we bought it in late September the first thing to do was to put some winters on, after all none

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BMW M235i

What a fun afternoon spent working on a M235i! Coded the M Laptimer in a matter of seconds. Also an annoying part about the car is that when you put the window up and open the door the window stops going up. We changed it so irrespective of the door opening or closing the window

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Seat Leon FR MK3

We had a customers come round late last night wanting some adaptions done on his new Seat Leon FR mk3. Some of the things we changed: Lap timer – Enabled Carbon fiber multi function display background – Enabled Fog lights on with full beam – Enabled Seat belt reminder – Disabled Automatic rain closing –

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Audi TT Black Edition

We recently had this Audi TT Black Edition in. It’s a very impressive car from standard with: 170BHP 350NM of torque However the customer wanted more! Stage 1 software took the Quattro to: 200BHP 421NM of torque We also changed a few adaptions that we feel should have came standard such as lowering the sunroof

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The owner of this MK5 GT TDI worked in a coal yard, which is where we remapped it (whilst the customer was working). Standard it produces: 140BHP 322NM of torque With Stage 1 software and an EGR delete it now produces: 190BHP 413NM of torque We also enabled Launch Control for them quick getaways!