Seat Leon FR MK3

We had a customers come round late last night wanting some adaptions done on his new Seat Leon FR mk3.
Some of the things we changed:
  • Lap timer – Enabled
  • Carbon fiber multi function display background – Enabled
  • Fog lights on with full beam – Enabled
  • Seat belt reminder – Disabled
  • Automatic rain closing – Enabled
  • Passenger mirror lowers on reverse – Enabled
  • Alarm chirp on lock and unlock – Enabled
  • Mirrors fold in when pressing the key once and not having to hold the lock button – Enabled
  • Rear lights as DRL – Enabled (our┬ápersonal favorite)
We feel these simple things should come standard from the dealership but they do not.
The customer was very happy and the whole process took less than 1 hour (that’s including time taken explaining things thoroughly).
If you have a:
  • Seat Leon MK3
  • VW Golf MK7
  • Audi A3 MK3
  • Skoda Octavia
All 2012 or newer and would like to know what can be personalized drop us a line and we’ll let you know.