Ford Focus RS MK3 Development

We are currently developing stage 1 software for the recently released Ford Focus RS Mk 3.
We don’t want to put a specific date out on when our software will be available as we want to test scrupulously and make sure the final product is as near perfect as possible. Testing will be primarily carried out on The Lake District A and B roads surrounding Ultimate Tuning. A few of these roads are world renowned such as Hardknott, Wrynose and Kirkstone Pass. Let’s not forget the dyno though, we’ll be spending copious amounts of time on the dyno fine tuning as well to give that balance of performance, reliability and drive-ability.
For those interested below is a list of parameters that will be revised on our Stage 1 software. Brackets indicate the number of separate maps, in each map several parameters will be revised :
Engine Torque
Injection System
Turbo System
Spark Advance
Air Control
  • Limiter of maximum torque  (9)
  • Torque limiter for clutch protection (1)
  • Optimal engine torque (16)
  • Individual gear maximum torque (7)
  • Individual gear torque request during take of condition (7)
  • Requested lambda (16)
  • Injection at partial load (2)
  • Injection correction f(ECT) (2)
  • Injection at low load (2)
  • Turbo pressure (15)
  • Limiter of turbo pressure (1)
  • Limiter of turbo pressure f(IAT) (3)
  • Limiter of steady turbo pressure (1)
  • Spark advance base map (17)
  • Optimal spark advance (18)
  • RPM limiter (4)
  • Airflow mass through throttle valve (1)
  • Throttle valve operating angle (1)
  • Requested engine load (16)