Kulturschock 2016

We headed over to Newcastle race course on Sunday to check out Kulturschock.
We only became aware of the event at the start of the month after talking to Steven Nicols (his mk4 above) at Fitted.
This is what greeted you when you walked through the doors! A stupidly low Audi A6 C7 bagged with an amazing diffuser.
Such a clean mk2 VW Golf GTI 20VT, we’d love to see this being tracked.
It’s a first for us to see a tank at a show.
What an interior though! All credit to Bass Mechanix, they pulled out all the stops on this one.
Some serious stopping power for a family 5 door, then again the RS7 isn’t a normal 5 door…
One thing that has baffled us was why when the Golf MK7 came out did VW think to create the R-Line? It totally devalues the brand of their flagship range of performance cars.

For us the stand of the show had to go to Rico Rally. Showing plenty of cars you’d love to actually drive not just stand and stare at.
Steveynics done a blinding job on stage all day. Here he is giving the crowd a run down on this Porsche 964.
We aren’t sure what happened to Becca Riley’s ACC sensor? Maybe she hit some road kill giving it death on a back road and didnt want to pay in excess of a grand to have it replaced and re-aligned, or maybe, like us, she didn’t like how poorly the Adaptive Cruise Control worked and as such decided to rip it off? Who knows, we do like the splitter though.
Doing it right. A nice dog and a nice car, what more can you ask for?!
After a few hours of looking around the show we decided to head out to the car park to see what was kicking around. A lot of the time you find cars good enough to be in the show. We came across these 2, a 650bhp GTR and an Evo 9 FQ400. What a find! It was certainly a good way to end the show.